Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to the NAC and an Anniversary

Today I have regained much confidence and excitement for my thru-hike. Yesterday marked one week since my surgery, and I'm feeling remarkably well. After a week of feeling bloated and sore, it was nice to be back at my gym - the Newtown Athletic Club, or NAC. Although I must say that I felt a little silly walking on the treadmill and at a leisurely 1.5 mph.  Nevertheless, it was nice to see all my gym friends and to be active once again. I seemed to regain much confidence and excitement for my thru-hike.

The plan is to take it easy for a few weeks, for I don't want to push myself too hard before my follow-up visit with my doc in one week. I have but one chance to recover properly and I don't want to blow it by overexerting myself early on. Even though I didn't sweat even a little bit, my one hour walk was effective in loosening up stiff muscles and scar tissue.

Today I was further excited to learn that the Appalachian Trail will celebrate its 75th anniversary on August 14th. According to my master plan, I should be in Maine, just about to finish when the milestone is reached.  (Incidentally, the National Park Service turns 100 on August 25, 2016.  I hope I'm done with my thru by then!)

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