Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hernia Surgery Images

Warning! The following are images from my recent surgery and if you are squeamish you may want to skip this post. 

The two images below are of some abdominal fat that was protruding through the bi-lateral, inguinal hernias in my fascia.  (In the images, the fat appears white in color (it's actually yellow) and is being held in the surgeon's tools.  The transparent balloon-like membrane is the peritoneum.)

In the image below you can make out one of the tears in the fascia connective tissue, which is supposed to separate my intestines from my abdominal muscles.

My two hernias were repaired with a couple of flexible mesh patches, shown below.  The mesh is made of flexible plastic much like nylon fishing line, and is held in place with titanium staples.  Eventually, scar tissue will surround and cover the mesh, making the patch even stronger.

Thanks for the pics and and your superb work on my guts, Dr. Garvey Choi!  Thanks, also, for the quick turn-around!  I am excited and appreciative to have these hernias repaired with enough time for me to get back in shape for my thru-hike attempt of the Appalachian Trail.  You are a surgical rock-star! 


  1. These images are not so good to look at, but these give us an idea how painful it is to be an hernia patient. hernia mesh patch lawsuit

    1. Actually, once I got past the trauma of being opened up, the hernia healed quickly and painlessly. I forgot I had the surgery long before hitting the Trail!

  2. I'm scheduled for hernia surgery next month and am going to get a mesh patch. These pictures help me know what I'm facing but I'm not afraid of the surgery though.