Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 45. Another zero day of recovery

Day 45. Another zero day of recovery

Date: April 26, 2012

Day number:

Wake info: h @

Start Mile Marker (MM) & Time of Day (TOD): mile @ h at

Pain scale AM (1-10):

Happiness scale AM (1-10):

Hunger scale AM (1-10):

Start weather:

End MM & TOD: mile @ h at

Approximate miles covered today: miles

Pain scale PM (1-10):

Happiness scale PM (1-10):

Hunger scale PM (1-10):

End weather:

Resting time:

Bedtime: h

Where slept: hammock @

Money spent: $0

Resupply: no

Trail conditions:

Issues with Equipment and Clothing:

Liters of water consumed: Liters

Approx fuel burn time: minutes

Approx. pack weight: lbs

Number of river fords: 0

Number of paved road X-ings: 0

Number of road miles: 0

Number of named mountain summits:

Number of wrong turns: 0

Number of times I stubbed a toe: 0

Number of times I've fallen: 0

Number of bugs swallowed: 0

Songs playing in my head:

Happenings at home: Had great conversations with the family today; it was great talking to everyone! Josie played charades at school today in which each student had to act out their favorite book, sport, food, etc., and what made them happiest and saddest, etc. She told me all of her selections, but left out what made her saddest. So I asked her, and she replied without tears that it was having me away from home for so long. I asked her if she needed me to quit the Trail and come home, and she responded forcefully and without hesitation, "Absolutely not, Daddy! You HAVE to finish. I'm so proud of you!" I asked the same question of Archer and Kathleen, and they responded just about identically as my daughter. THIS is support and I am constantly amazed and buoyed by it! It literally kept me going. (Because I was feeling so rotten at the time, if they had hinted that they needed me back home I would have hopped on the nearest northbound transport without hesitation. Which is why you should never quit on a bad day, our when you're feeling sick, our when the weather is bad.)

Companions (Assume thru-hikers unless noted SH for Section Hiker or DH for Day Hiker):

Trail Magic:





State of body:

State of mind:


Lessons learned/confirmed today:

Droid Phone Notes:


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  1. Hey Stats,
    I've been keeping up with your blog and wishing I was back on the trail with you and the guys. The link below will take you to a youtube video of the night you made everyone chocolate chip cookies. Unbelievable! Who would have thought . . . cookies on the trail. This was also the night Soggy Feet burned his socks and Beas told the story of finding his green pants. What a great time on the trail.
    Glad you are spending time with the family.
    Enjoy the journey!
    Preacher Hair

    1. Hi Preacher Hair! I'm so happy to hear from you and glad that you posted the video snippet. I'll always remember that night fondly - you guys really lifted my spirits with your great sense of humor, appreciation of cookies, and your ability to make a fire with soaking wet wood. Great to hear from you! Stats.